Top Fitness Tech From Totalsports

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Jan 8, 2020
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Top Fitness Tech From Totalsports


Garmin FR 945 

Forerunner 945 is the GPS smartwatch that’s designed for the driven, the qualifiers and the elite. This watch was made for you: the up-at-dawn runners and the conditioned-for-pain triathletes. While you chase your next victory, make sure you’ve got the right tool for the job.

Fitbit Versa

Live your best life with Fitbit Versa — a health and fitness smartwatch that lasts 4+ days and features 24/7 heart rate, phone-free music, apps, coaching and more. Get personalized on-screen workouts that play on your wrist, coach you through each move and adapt based on your feedback. Track your calorie burn, optimise effort during workouts, see your resting heart rate trends and discover your cardio fitness level.

Samsung Galaxy Gear

Meet the next generation of Galaxy Watch Active. All fitness watches track data. Watch Active stands apart – it’s a fitness watch that actively gives you advice, so you can stay ahead of the game. Stay sporty without having to always look the part. Galaxy Watch Active features a discreet, lightweight design so you can comfortably fast-track your way toward the finish line. It also features a variety of stylish straps that are fit for most occasions.

Polar Ignite

Polar Ignite is a waterproof fitness watch with advanced wrist-based heart rate and integrated GPS. This new-generation workout partner helps you reach your true potential and push your limits the right way. Polar Ignite offers you a full view of your day and guidance towards a more balanced life.


Garmin Fenix 6s

The smaller-sized fenix 6S series multisport watches let you add mapping, music, pace monitoring and more to your workouts — without adding bulk to your wrist.

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