The Banting Market, At Melrose Arch

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Sep 22, 2015
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Oct 2, 2015

The Banting Market, At Melrose Arch

With over 800 various Banting products available at each Market with an average of 1 200 #JoBanters who attend the Market each month, it was going to be a busy morning this past Sunday, at Melrose Arch. As you probably know the Banting diet lifestyle has taken South Africa by storm. Everywhere you go people are talking about their new-found low-carb, high-fat (LCHF) way of eating.

Full of avid Banters, sourcing the correct ingredients to make Banting meals at home, The Banting Market was a hive of activity. Banters could get their hands on all sorts of Banting goodies including Banting breads, rusks, nut flours, cauliflower wraps and other cauli products, cheese and ready-made home cooked meals and so much more. The market is strictly Banting, meaning all products are low-carb, sugar-free and free from artificial preservatives.

Other products banters could get their hands on included; freshly prepared food to eat there, as well as products to take home like wraps, different kinds of bread loaves, mueslis, cupcakes, coffee, free range chicken, coconut water, grass fed meat, sausages, biltong and droƫwors, pestos, raw products, cheeses, gemsbok salami, full cream yogurt, milk and cream, buns, avocados, kefir cultures and moringa, sugar free ice cream, milktarts, olives and olive oil.

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  1. Michele van zyl says:

    How often is the market? Where ans when will the next one be?

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