New Stores Now Opened At Melrose Arch’s High Street

Mezepoli Melrose Arch: Quick Cut Loose Lunch Or Lazy Linger? The Choice Is Yours
Aug 13, 2015
Bang & Olufsen Store Opened On Melrose Arch’s High Street
Sep 16, 2015

New Stores Now Opened At Melrose Arch’s High Street

Live, work, play, shop or stay. Melrose Arch is bustling with high end fashion stores and café culture, and is constantly improving their offering, bringing the best and exclusive brands to your doorstep. Visit High Street, and be exposed to the finest lifestyle brands, Melrose Arch has on offer.

World renowned for a distinctive range of quality audio, picture and multimedia products since 1925, Bang & Olufsen has opened its doors on Melrose Arch’s High Street. B&O flagship speaker, the BeoLab 5, uses digital signal processing to adjust its frequency response to the room and location in which it is placed. Its midrange and treble spread the sound over a 180-degree range in order to fill the room, overcoming the directional range limitations of normal midrange and treble drivers, and preventing the sound from reflecting off the ceiling and floor before reaching the listener. A distinctive design appeal, often described as “quality media delivery via striking objects”. B&O’s work with radios and loudspeakers has led them to value high fidelity musical reproduction uninfluenced by technological limitations; “honest music reproduction”. To this end, psychoacoustics has been, and remains important to designing B&O products.

Premium V.N.T.G features an eclectic mix of contemporary, urban Italian menswear lifestyle brands. Every covetable Italian label imaginable is on the shelves, handpicked by owner, Shawn Janet (of bringing True Religion into SA) from Pisa, Bologna and every other major Tuscan design corner. Must-have items include Imperial Denim from Bologna and Happiness, a family-owned label of sweatshirts, sweat pants and zip hoodies produced on Italy’s East coast with their signature ripped tears, messages and combination of textures. There are shirts designed and manufactured in Italy by Osvaldo Trucchi, shoes created by D’Acquasparta, exquisite jerseys, jackets and silk scarves and J Brand jeans for Men – first into the country. Follow Premium V.N.T.G on Instagram @premiumvntg.

The Vault by Daytona is a high end Swiss watch and Jewellery store. Repurposing high performance engines – from the likes of Ferrari – The Vault creates start of the art, and very exclusive espresso machines. For bespoke luxury items, like collectable watches (limited editions, pre-owned & trade-ins) and luxury vehicle branded merchandise from the likes of Bentley and Ferrari. The Vault has the best and most exclusive toys for (older) boys. Now open at Melrose Arch’s High Street, JHB. Follow them on Instagram, @TheVaultSA

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