Melrose Arch Welcomes Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream

The Melrose Arch Market
10 Jun 2021
Father’s Day At Melrose Arch
10 Jun 2021

Melrose Arch Welcomes Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream

From Weekend Offering To Permanent Tenant

In 2020 Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream set up a stand on the Piazza at Melrose Arch. What started out as a weekend treat for visitors to the precinct grew in popularity. Soon the demand for delicious rolled ice cream lead to Swirl opening a store in the middle retail Galleria next to Tiki Tonga Coffee Roasters

So, What Is Smash And Rolled Ice Cream? 

Interestingly also called stir-fry ice cream, rolled ice cream is an exciting trend that started as a sensation amongst tourists in Thailand. The process to create stir-fried ice cream takes an average of two minutes. The flavoured milk-based liquid is poured onto an ice pan, a freezing-cold stainless steel surface that is chilled by a refrigeration unit, where it is chopped and manipulated until the liquid becomes a cream. Other required ingredients are added and the mixture is chopped and probed until a creamy texture has formed. The mixture is spread in a thin layer across the pan, then starting on one side the ice cream or gelato is rolled into its cylinder shape with the use of a spatula. The rolls are placed in an ice cream cup and decorated with any desired toppings.

The Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream Way

At Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream Melrose Arch, you can be assured you’re enjoying the freshest ice cream around. Not only is their ice cream creamy, fresh and light but also skillfully prepared.

​At Swirl Smashed & Rolled Ice Cream, every offering is a unique work of art – perfect to be posted to your Instagram profile. The recipe does not use stabilisers, preservatives, egg, gelatin or powders, ensuring quality.

At Swirl you can build your own rolled ice cream, choosing from two to three ingredients, such as Oreos, condensed milk, choc chip cookies and more. There are also special items to include such as halva, Ferrero Rocher and Coco Macadamia. There are also vegan offerings to choose from. All of this is served in an eco-friendly container, or add extra excitement with a bubble waffle or sugar cone instead.

More Information

Address: Store No 20G, middle retail Galleria

Phone: 083-330-5702

Trading Hours: Mon – Thurs: 9h00 – 18h00

Fri – Sat: 09h-00 – 22h00

Sun: 09h00 – 21h00


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