Melrose Arch: Bang & Olufsen Presents The Beoplay A2

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Melrose Arch: Bang & Olufsen Presents The Beoplay A2

Best known for making specialist, high-end and stylish products, Bang & Olufsen have, once again lent its Scandinavin sense of premium-quality minimalist design to a portable Bluetooth speaker. Visit Bang & Olufsen Melrose Arch, and experience the clean, open sound of the Beoplay A2.

Luxurious and striking in looks, the Beoplay A2 is a premium lifestyle product. The metal panel, with its beautifully machined buttons, adds elegance. It’s well made, and light enough to carry using the sturdy strap. The Beoplay A2 is a unit designed to withstand scuffs and scratches.

We fired up the Beoplay A2, and were pleasantly surprised to hear a wonderfully clean and spacious sound. The big spread of sound is down to B&O’s ‘True360’ sound technology – it uses drivers on both sides of the speaker, meaning you can stand ‘behind’ the speaker and still hear that clear, open sound. It works admirably, making it the ideal speakers for parties, since it ensures a steady, even flow of music.

The Beoplay A2 exploits the wide dispersion in the low frequencies, delivering sound around the edges of the speaker – although you still won’t get the full blast of the A2’s sound if the slim edge is facing towards you. Dynamic sound is what the Beoplay A2 is about. Whether you are listening to the classical sounds of Beethoven or the warbling tones of Adele, there is a warmth and richness to the sounds.

You can play smartphone-stored music or iTunes playlists via the Beoplay A2’s 3.5mm socket or Bluetooth (with the aptX codec promising higher-quality streams from your smart device). Pairing is quick – my iTunes account automatically picked up the speaker the moment it was switched on – and the Beoplay A2 will remember up to eight connected devices.

You can also charge your smart device using the USB port and it won’t put too much of a strain on the Beoplay A2’s battery, either. The speaker lasts for 24 hours on a single charge – it’s the longest battery life of any portable speaker we’ve come across.

There’s plenty to admire about the Beoplay A2’s detailed, spacious sound and clean presentation. Its stylish design is appealing, as is the lengthy 24-hour battery life. The A2 is worth a place on your list.

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