Melrose Arch: Bang and Olufsen’s BEOPLAY H2

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Jan 20, 2017
Feb 15, 2017

Melrose Arch: Bang and Olufsen’s BEOPLAY H2

For posh headphones with grand sound and comfort, Bang and Olufsen Melrose Arch has just the pair you need! The Beoplay H2 doesn’t set out to do much more than play music. At that, it’s good enough to become your go-to set of cans. Although pricey, these make good on the investment with style and performance.


To properly test any set of headphones, you have to put them on, close your eyes and listen! For Beoplay H2, that means taking some time to forget about its undeniably cool vibe, thoughtful design touches, and most importantly, its price. Using just your ears, you are treated to a superbly balanced and rich sound, with a bass so deep you forget that the sound is coming from a set of on-ear headphones.

The Beoplay H2, along with most of the company’s other products, are geared towards posh individuals who want their headphones to be as functional a fashion accessory as they are capable at pushing out music.

Minimalistic in design, the Beoplay H2 is easy on the eyes and durable as hell! The headband is wide set, so everybody can kick it with the Beoplay H2. Underneath is capped with matte plastic and cushioned near the apex with a soft, silicon air pocket to keep things cozy. On its top, the headband is covered in a layer of fabric, which gives it a classy look.


Safely tucked inside of the headband are the adjustable sidearms, and these extend to allow a generous amount of headroom. Going down toward the ear pads, the sidearms come to a hinge, which bows out. This design touch isn’t just for aesthetics, however: it affords the pads about 90-degrees of lateral movement, just enough to rest the pads on your chest to show off the design. Not only that, these pads can wiggle up and down, so you can find the perfect placement for your ears.

While on the ear pads, these are stunners. More of the mesh fabric from the headband makes its way down to the outer cap of the ear cups. It shares the space with matte black plastic, where you can also find B&O’s logo subtly placed. The right ear pad is free of ports or features of any sort, but on the left side is where you’ll find the input for the included 3.5mm cable. Flipped over, each ear pad is covered in luscious lambskin for added comfort.

Bang and Olufsen H2 Headphones e

The Beoplay H2 are a fashion-forward set of headphones that also know a thing or two about music playback. The headphones present your music on a decent-sized soundstage for a set of on-ear headphones.

Bass accuracy is right on and just as powerful as it needs to be. Mids and highs also shine through in the sound with a subtle warmness that’s hard to find in a set of headphones. A big part of the reason why the H2’s sound experience is so enjoyable is because of the comfort put forward by the build. You’d be dead wrong to assume that these flashy headphones didn’t provide a cozy fit that allows them to be worn for hours on end.

When you wear the Beoplay H2, people will look at you with intrigue, desperately trying to figure out who makes it so they can buy their own later.

 We’re trained to assume that good looks are a guise, but the H2’s slick design complements the sound performance quite nicely. Visit Bang and Olufsen Melrose Arch and experience the B&O brand at its best.

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