Dressing The Living Room Table With @Home Homeware store

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Feb 6, 2019
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Dressing The Living Room Table With @Home Homeware store

We spent some time hanging out with the stand decorators at @Home homeware store to learn how to decorate a living room table. Join us as we take a lesson in feng shui and try our hand at sprucing up one of the most used tables in the house.

The Table

We opted to go for a sturdy wood table crafted from a single slab. These timeless pieces are not only adorable to look at but also sturdy and can last a lifetime, if taken properly care of. Scuffs are welcome with these slabs as they tend to add character to the wood grain. But with that said, rule of thumb is to keep moisture away from the surface – always use a coaster!

The Ornaments

The trick is not to over-do it. Feng shui is at the order of the day and a quick tip is to bring the outside in with a lovely pot plant such as a succulent or clematis. Three is the magic number here

The Conversation Piece

Look for something that would immediately catch the eye; something that’s so out of place that it fits right in. This wow factor should not take up too much space.

Head to @Home homeware store at Melrose Arch and experience not one but two floors of cutting edge interior design items.


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