Chatting To Arch Cycles

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Dec 17, 2019
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Jan 8, 2020

Chatting To Arch Cycles

Arch Cycles

Congratulations on a successful rebranding and relaunch in 2019. What does the future look like for Arch Cycles?

We are extremely upbeat about the future as we have brought a fantastic new look, feel and brand with amazing depth of product to the Melrose Arch customer.

Why the change from Concept Cyclery to Arch Cycles?

Companies go through cycles and part of those cycles is to ensure that one evolves with the market and industry changes. It was our time to change to a brand that offers more value and choice of product for the consumer.

As the first Trek concept store in South Africa, how has the public taken to the brand?

Trek historically is one of the oldest brands being represented in South Africa, so this message we have sent to market has been extremely well received and embraced.

Arch Cycles

What are some of the essentials that beginner road cyclists need?

Trek has pioneered offering a bike model and size to suit everyone, thus sizing is extremely important to ensure one enjoys their time in the saddle. This goes together with the correct fit and bike set-up. Secondly, and probably more important, SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY … The BONTRAGER brand of product (TREKS clothing and accessory label) has covered this area extremely well with the likes of innovative lights, helmets and high visibility clothing.

Where are the best off-road trails in Gauteng, and do you have a hard and fast tip for people getting into mountain biking?

Cradle Moon, Modderfontein and Red Barn are all keen safe MTB spots offering all levels of riders suitable trails. Starters should always try better equipment and level spec of bikes than what their budget is, as this will provide more comfort which equals enjoyment and more riding!

Arch Cycles

We noticed that you stocked e-bikes in store. What are those all about?

E-Bikes are pedal assisted bikes powered by rechargeable batteries giving up to 3hrs and/or 150km + range. It is certainly growing and will become a serious category for both commuters, recreational and so called racing snakes. Unlike what seasoned cyclists say, “It’s cheating”, this is not true or fair. Most of these participants, once given an E-bike a test, have a completely different view. It opens up the door for so many different avenues of cycling experiences.

What can you tell us about the Bike Fit studio?

This is an essential part to any cyclist, new or seasoned. It covers prevention to injury for new entrants and for many seasoned cyclists, assists with discomfort in body areas that could be a result of various factors, like decreased flexibility due to age and/or when upgrading to a new bike.

Does Arch Cycles have a bike club and how can people join?

We don’t have an official club but regularly have organised rides for staff and clients. This is normally posted via our Facebook and Twitter platforms.

Details: 086 179 6757 | Store Number: H21B |

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