Casual Dining At Melrose Arch

Cafes At Melrose Arch
Jan 9, 2020
restaurants at melrose arch
Healthy Restaurants At Melrose Arch
Jan 9, 2020

In the mood for something more laid back, or perhaps on the more indulgent side of things? At Melrose Arch we have a broad selection of casual dining options – ranging from sweet, to savoury, to everything in between. You can sit down at a table, or take a stroll down the streets, anything goes!


For more than 50 years, Häagen-Dazs’ passion for crafting the perfect flavours and creamiest textures. This is achieved by using only the finest ingredients, setting the brand apart. Inspired by Italian flair, the ice cream parlour whips up a wide variety of rich and delicate gelato flavours for you to choose from.

Details: (011) 684 1334 | Store Number  |


Home of the smash burger, Rocomamas Melrose Arch not only boasts loads and layers of flavour in their burgers and fully loaded fries, but does so with a Halal certificate in hand. Swing by and enjoy a selection of ribs, wings and waffles too! Wash those down with a choice of exciting milkshake flavours.

Details: (011) 684 1139 | Store Number 030EF |


Senhor Peri Peri

Senhor Peri Peri sings songs about the love story told between chicken and the African birds eye chili. Specialising in quick, easy and tasty Portuguese peri-peri chicken and prawns, patrons can expect to see items such as grilled chicken, burgers, and wraps.

Details: (010) 020 8583 | Store Number 010bI3 |

Ghazal North Indian Restaurant

Meet Ghazal, our very own authentic Indian restaurant. Known for its rich butter chicken and korma, the restaurant can be found on the square, owing a secluded feel to your dining experience. With a keen eye to detail, visitors are in for a treat and can expect sitar players, beautiful decor and a relaxed atmosphere as you dine in style.

Details: 011 684 1257 | Shop Number 001H3 |


Situated on the square, Kitamu’s menu is wholly African, with dishes like Mozambican chicken, North African bread, ostrich steak, kudu skewers, crocodile pies, fried mopane worms and springbok shank pie to tantalise the taste buds. The restaurant also features live music.

Details: (011) 684 1477 | Store Number 003H3 |

Mr George

At Mr George, the emphasis is on relaxation and taking time to savour one’s meal. The green décor, with its ample foliage, creates a calming atmosphere, encouraging diners to linger and enjoy the food, while outside, comfortable seating in booths inspires long, lazy lunches as you sip on a cocktail or prosecco, savour some sushi and watch the world go by.

Details: (011) 684 2999 | Store Number 101aI3 |

Rodizio Brazilian Grill & Tapas

Take a bite out of Brazil with Rodizio Grill & Tapas. Infusing Portuguese influence into their menu, Rodizio serves up a mean feast. And as if their food wasn’t amazing enough, Rodizio also has budget-friendly lunchtime specials, which means you can afford to eat there every day!

Details: (011) 483 1910 | Store Number 010aI3 |

Rodizio Melrose Arch

The Grillhouse

The Grillhouse offers indoor and outdoor dining all year round. Boasting an Art Deco ambience, it makes for an intimate dining experience. Renowned for its sizzling steaks and ribs, the menu caters for all tastes, with a selection of salads, chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes as well as tempting chocolate brownies and ice cream.

Details: (010) 446 1911 | Store Number H20B l |

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