The Beautiful Pizzas Of Melrose Arch

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Jun 2, 2018
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The Beautiful Pizzas Of Melrose Arch

Piza e Vino

Everyone’s favourite Italian street food joint, Piza Ē Vino not only serves pastas and salads, but also cooks up some of the best pizzas in the City of Gold. With their blinged-out wood fire oven, Piza Ē Vino conjures up classic margaritas, beautiful biancas and everything in between. On top of that, the bar is fully stocked with top notch local and international beers, a massive wine list and all the spirits your heart desires.

Details: | 011 684 2730 | | The Piazza, Melrose Arch, Melrose, Johannesburg

Jamie’s Italian

Everybody’s favourite celebrity chef, Jamie Oliver brought his signature eatery to Melrose Arch in 2016 and it’s since grown into one of Johannesburg’s favourite Italian restaurants. That goes without saying that Jamie’s Italian serves the most authentic pizzas in the precinct. We suggest you give the fungi misti (wild mushroom and mozzarella) and the spicy chilli beef pizzas a spin! No matter what you order, expect a tonne of flavour.

Details: | 010 007 4646 | Shop 00513, Building 13, The High Street, Melrose
Arch, Johannesburg

JB’s Corner

Known for its off-the-top delicious burgers and brunches, JB’s Corner also serves some good pizza! Things are short and sweet in this department with 11 per-constructed options as well as a long list of toppings to build your own masterpiece with. We recommend you try the Four Seasons rendition for a well-rounded and robust meal or spice it up with the prego chicken pizza for something different and daring.

Details: | 011 684 2999 | | 03 The High Street, Melrose
Arch, Johannesburg

Roast Cafe

Not only is Roast Cafe your one-stop Wi-Fi and coffee hookup, but they also have a couple of pizza-related tricks up their sleeve. At Roast Cafe you can pair your favourite ‘zar with one of their signature cocktails. Give the Gorgonzola pie a run for its money – we’re convinced you will like it. Why not plan your next Roast Cafe trip at the same time that Goliath & Goliath have a stand-up gig running? Comedy, cocktails and pizza – sounds like a fun night out!

Details: | 010 020 3678 | 10a Melrose Arch, High St, Melrose North, Johannesburg


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