Bars And Lounges At Melrose Arch

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Jan 9, 2020
Italian Restaurants At Melrose Arch
Jan 9, 2020

The bars and lounges at Melrose Arch add an exciting nightlife element to the precinct. From happy hour specials on Thursdays to harvest tables and drinks promotions over weekends, there is adventure waiting around every corner. To boot, these bars and lounges also host live music in the form of regular bands and well known DJs, ensuring that the party does not stop.

Churchill’s Bar & Lounge

Churchill’s Bar & Lounge epitomises a British bar experience – boasting a tremendous selection of whiskies, champagnes and cigars, Churchill’s appeals to the true connoisseur. Located on the Melrose Arch Piazza, Churchill’s is also available for private functions and parties.

Details: 011 684 1040 | Store Number 52HL |

Bars And Lounges At Melrose Arch


Cuisino emphasises delicious food, fine wines, and a comfortable lounge experience above all else. Featuring modern and spacious interiors, and a delightful, softly-illuminated outdoor area; Cuisino provides the perfect relaxing bar and lounge experience

Details: (010) 020 3699 | Store No: Shop 3I3 |

Tiger’s Milk

Tiger’s Milk Kitchen/Bar is the epitome of a classic casual bar. Self-professed lovers of “dude food”, Tiger’s Milk offers pizza, burgers and all manner of delicious bar snacks, as well as a large selection of beers and cocktails. Perfect for a relaxed lunch or a night out.

Details: (010) 035 6707 | Store No: Shop 004H3 |

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Vino Bar

Amid the other bars and lounges at Melrose Arch, Vino captures the essence of The City of Gold. What better way to do so, than with a selection of signature drinks and great food? Vino is a bar perfect for many occasions and times of the day: whether you are looking to lounge out or enjoy an early evening sundowner, there is something to suit your needs. The bar forms part of Piza ē Vino and grants patrons access to the restaurant’s food menu. Vino also hosts live DJ sessions on Thursdays and selected weekends.

Details: (011) 684 2730 | Store No: 041EF |

Bars And Lounges At Melrose Arch

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