Melrose Arch - Shopping Precinct


Melrose Arch provides essential parking facilities for the people who live, work and play in the precinct. The super basement offers 4 km of full walking undercover access to the entire precinct and a mobile-enabled, ticket-free casual parking app, giving credence to the credo of convenience in style.

Access into Melrose Arch is mainly from Corlett Drive and Athol Oaklands and parking can be accessed from:
  • Entrance 1 off Melrose Boulevard for easy access to the Piazza area
  • Entrance 2 on Crescent Drive for easy access to FNB/Europa
  • Entrance 3 on Melrose Boulevard for easy access to the Square on High Street

public parking

The Melrose Arch car park is open for public parking 24/7.

monthly parking
Monthly parking is available for tenants' convenience. For terms, conditions and rates, please contact Centre Management on 011 684 0002.

pay on foot parking
Pay on foot parking is available, please see Parking Tariffs Schedule for further information.