Melrose Arch - Shopping Precinct

Medi Response

As a leading private city, Melrose Arch prides itself on delivering excellent services. In line with top cities around the world, we have now introduced our very own dedicated emergency medical services for residents, businesses and guests. Melrose Arch has partnered with Medi-Response for emergency medical services in the precinct.

This has a number of important advantages. Everyone in Melrose Arch benefits from quick emergency medical response, at no call-out fee. You can also go directly to the new Melrose Arch Medi-Response Centre - on Melrose Boulevard near the Atholl-Oaklands Road entrance - with your medical emergencies. The on-site emergency medical clinic offers a level of care above any other facility of this kind in the country, and is open from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The Medi-Response team will also be at the ready during major events held by Melrose Arch.

Our partnership with Medi-Response adds to the top-quality services provided by Melrose Arch. We’re especially pleased to announce that we have added this new service at no cost to you.