Internationally renowned Asian inspired HARNN, Lifestyle Products Brand, Launches in South Africa

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Nov 10, 2015
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Internationally renowned Asian inspired HARNN, Lifestyle Products Brand, Launches in South Africa

Revered by jetsetters, spa practitioners and international beauty afficionados, HARNN, the world’s leading natural spa brand has officially opened its doors with a stunning new retail concept store in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. Embracing Eastern wisdom passed down from generation to generation, HARNN is proud of its Asian heritage. The concept store stocks HARNN’s Natural Body Care, Skin Care, Hair Care and Home Spa Products. HARNN Body Care products are offered in 5 collections – Oriental Herbs, Cymbopogon, Jasmine, Oriental Rose and Tropical Wood.  The collections are carefully developed combining the knowledge of both traditional herbal medicine and scientific research, resulting in products that epitomise the Asian holistic approach to wellbeing – helping to restore the natural balance of body and mind.

The HARNN store also stocks two additional sub brands – Vuudh andTichaa.  The Vuudh rangeis acontemporary lifestyle fragrance brand. Vuudh’s Eastern Passage Collection is based on the founder’s personal experience of travels and recollections of fragrances from nine Asian cities. Local botanicals, history and lifestyle are interpreted into a full range of interior fragrance product lines designed to add an exquisite and exotic touch to enhance one’s lifestyle. The range includes aromatic candles, diffuser oils, interior fragrance sprays, aromatic accessories and tailor-made HARNN gift sets.

The Tichaa collection consists of oriental herbal infusions that areinspired by the silk roads and the discovery of silk. White mulberry leaves, the basis of each of the infusions, contain essential vitamins and nutrients. The herbal infusions, or Tisane, are non-caffeinated beverages made from the infusion of herbs, spices and plant material.  This range comes in 4 collections – Certified Organic Tisane, Natural Tisane, Candle Scented Tisane and Tisane Essential Oils. The Certified Organic Tisane are herbal infusions grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  Each leaf is hand-picked, cleaned and processed to preserve the maximum nutrients and flavours.  The Natural Tisane offers a combination of traditional fruit and flower infusions, providing wonderful flavours, fragrances and benefits. The Candle Scented Tisane offers herbal infusions that use the traditional technique of scenting food with candle smoke made from bee’s wax, flowers, herbs and spices.  The Tisane Essential Oil rangeis a collection of specifically blended essential oils that add new dimensions of fragrance, flavour and benefits to food, cocktails, beverages and herbal infusions.

“HARNN was created and launched in Thailand in 1999 by Mr. Paul Harn (Vudhichai Harnphanich). Under his leadership as founder and managing director, the brand has developed into a luxurious, contemporary and internationally recognised Asian-inspired lifestyle brand with exclusive concept shops and flagship stores in 14 countries. As a company we truly believe that most of that success stems from the brand embracing traditional Eastern wisdom, which has been perfected over thousands of years this includes the likes of traditional Thai, Chinese and Indian medicines and techniques, combined with only the finest natural ingredients to create complete harmony between the body and soul,” explains Sheila Otieno-Osanya of HARNN South Africa.The concept store’s interior design reflects HARNN’s sophisticated and contemporary approach, bringing to life the five senses through unique Eastern art, colours and the reflection of light, subtly enhancing the brand and lifestyle products. The array of HARNN products are the perfect indulgence or ideal gift for any occasion and is bound to bring the essence of the brand’s Asian Heritage to life; creating a sensational experience and an opportunity for South African consumers to find the balance of mind, body and soul.

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