Eyebrows by the Best

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Jul 23, 2013
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Eyebrows by the Best

It is no secret that the best eyebrow specialist works right here at Melrose Arch.

Bridgette based at The Spa @ Melrose,  grooms some of the most famous eyebrows in our Country. I was lucky enough to get an appointment with her this week, and now I get to share my experience with you… And this is not your average eyebrow waxing experience. My appointment took 30 minutes. Bridgette is constantly measuring and analyzing, in order to ensure the best results. She also takes both a before and after picture, which is great because you really get to see the difference it makes to your face.

Bridgette has been focusing solely on eyebrows for 9 years now.  “Eyebrows shape your entire face, if your eyebrows are too thin or too thick, or even taking the wrong shape it can ruin your whole face” says Bridgette. One of the most common problems with women is that 90% of them dye their hair and not their brows. Ideally your brows and your hair should be of a similar colouring in order to make your eyes stand out more.

If you think that eyebrow shaping is only for Women, then you are sadly mistaken! Bridgette says that 60% of her clients are males. “Men don’t wear make-up so it is very important for them to enhance their natural features, and keep them looking their best.”


Eyebrows: The Spa @ Melrose

Eyebrows by Bridgette: The Spa @ Melrose

My advice… Making an appointment with Bridgette is not an option, it is a necessity 🙂

For more information or to make a Booking, please call The Spa @ Melrose on (011) 684 1392


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